Tomorrows Future Today

The genesis and timeline of a conference, content and knowledge powered disruption model.   


June 2012

June 2012, after speaking at LeWeb in a google hangout, then taking stage for the SDI keynote, it dawned on me that we needed a crowdsourced conference that united the globe of IT practitioners.  

After watching the quality of presentations and speakers slip off the scales as organizations like TED created industry changing events and content, I felt it was time to take things back into the communities hands again.  The ITSM community has grown and become more connected than at any time in history.

At the same time technology allowed me to be streamed to LeWeb and be on stage with Google product manager while attending another conference.  I was finally in two places at once.

  1. The principles are simple:
  2. Streaming LIVE to Youtube via Google Hangouts
  3. No Registration to watch, no sign up process.
  4. Mobile connectivity to WATCH and INTERACT
  5. 24 CROWD sourced speakers.
  6. Start in New Zealand and FOLLOW the SUN until we finish in Hawaii. 

A welcome letter and manifesto for success was declared, a copy of that blog is here.